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Type of service Description Price
Cycle Health Check Free cycle health check including a full report detailing work that needs to be carried out Free
Silver Service £60.00
Gold Service £90.00
Platinum Service £250.00
Cycle Accident Insurance Quote Full cycle inspection report following an accident £40.00
Cycle Theft Insurance Quote Insurance quotation following a theft £15.00
Di2 Firmware Update Shimano Electronic Di2 firmware update £20.00
E-Bike Motor Rebuild From £100.00
E-Bike Motor Fitting Replacement From £50.00
E-Bike Diagnostic Report £30.00
Bike Build Full bike assembly(excluding parts) From £100
Thread Tapping From £5
Cleaning Charge Localised to enable mechanics to fulfil the job requirements £20.00
InvisiFrame Fitting £160.00
Accessory Fitting From £5
Mudguard Fitment £35.00
Dropper Seatpost Fitting From £35
Brake Adjust Conventional brake adjust (per brake) £15.00
Hydraulic Brake Bleed Including fresh oil/fluid (per brake) £20.00
Disc Brake FItting Including frame facing (per brake) £25.00
Disc Brake Service Strip down and reassemble with fresh oil (excludes replacement parts) £40.00
Shorten Brake Hoses Cut down brake hoses (includes brake bleed) £35.00
Headset Replacement Fit new headset £30.00
Headset Bearing Replacement £15.00
Standard Handlebar Fitment £10.00
Drop Handlebar Fitment (excludes bar tape) From £20
Bar Tape Fitting £15.00
Wheels and Tyres
Replace Tyre/Tube Check and rectify cause of puncture where applicable(per wheel) £10.00
Tubular Tyre Fitment Removal of Old Tub/Glue/Tape (per wheel) £35.00
Wheel True From £15.00
Tubeless Tyre Fitment Fit tubeless tyres (excludes, sealant, valves and rim tapes) £10.00
Front Hub Service Cup and cone or cartridge bearing service (excludes parts) £15.00
Rear Hub Service Cup and cone or cartridge bearing service (excludes parts) £25.00
Hand Build Wheel Rebuild and true a wheel (excludes spokes) From £50.00
Free-hub Body Fitment and Hub Service Strip/clean/grease (excludes new bearings) £20.00
Alfine Maintenance Service £30.00
Gear Adjust/Repair Gear indexing and set up (per derailleur) From £15.00
Inner Cable Replacement & Gear Adjust £25.00
Bottom Bracket Fitment Including front mech adjustment £25.00
Bottom Bracket Facing £30.00
Bottom Bracket Re-Grease £15.00
Cassette Fit/Removal £5.00
Chain Device Fitment Including front mech adjustment if required £25.00
Chainset Fitment £20.00
Chain Fitment NOT including gear adjustment £10.00
Derailleur Fitment Including adjustment £25.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment Will need rear derailleur adjust (includes gear adjust) £15.00
Freewheel Fit/Removal £10.00
Internal Gear Hub Service £50.00
Fit Suspension Fork Includes front brake adjustment From £30.00
Suspension Fork Service Includes fluid (excludes and other parts) From £40.00
Rear Shock Service Air can service From £35.00
Shock Bush Replacement Bush replacement From £10.00
Shock Bush Fitting From £20.00
Dropper Seatpost Service From £30.00
Rear Suspension Linkage Pivot bearing replacement From £50.00